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The European Summits

The Highest Summits of the European Countries

GeoPuzzle by: HEXTEAM

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Otherwise you can mark checkboxes for caches which you found in the following table. The name of cache redirects you to website, where you can check, if you found the cache.
You can click on this icon and in the window are showed archived and alternative caches and events for this piece of puzzle.
List of the caches is available like a bookmark list

PeakCacheCountryCache typeAltitude (AMSL)wwwFound it
Mont Blanc Near the top of EuropeFrancie, ItálieTradička4810more
Dinara SinjalChorvatskoTradička1831more
Gerlachovský štít Gerlachovský štít 2655 m.n.m.SlovenskoTradička2655more
Großglockner 9 Summits - KärntenRakouskoMulticache3798more
Moldoveanu PeakMoldoveanu PeakRumunskoTradička2544more
Musala Top of the Balkans BulharskoTradička2925more
SnežkaSnezka CacheČeskoTradička1602more
Signal de Botrange Signal du BotrangeBelgieTradička694more
Vorder Grauspitz TOP OF LIECHTENSTEIN- Vorder Grauspitz 2599m ü. M. LichtenštejnskoTradička2599more
CarrauntoohilCorran Tuathail (Ireland's Highest Cache)IrskoTradička995more
Korab KorabAlbánie, MakedonieTradička2764more
GaldhøpiggenGaldhøpiggen  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GC1EH99
Zla Kolata Zla Kolata Černá horaTradička2534more
TriglavTriglav 2864SlovinskoTradička2864more
Coma Pedrosa Comapedrosa AndorraTradička2942more
OlympusMount Olympos KyprTradička1952more
Mount Pico Pico'sPortugalskoEarthcache2351more
Torre (Serra da Estrela)Up, up, up !Portugalsko (pevnina)Tradička1993more
OlympusMount Olympos ŘeckoEarthcache2919more
KneiffHigh  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GCVVNB
Kékes KékestetôMaďarskoTradička1014more
ZugspitzeDer Weg der Steine  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GC5FZ3M, GC18FHR
Monte Titano Rep. San Marino # 1 San MarinoTradička749more
KebnekaiseThe roof of Sweden - 2106 meters above sea level  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GCGDFF
HoverlaГоверла :: Hoverla  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GC29PTZ
VaalserbergHoogste vasteland punt van Nederland NizozemskoEarthcache321more
Rysy Rysy 2499 mPolskoTradička2498more
MidžurSTARA PLANINASrbskoEarthcache2169more
Ben Nevis Britain's highest GeocacheVelká BritánieTradička1344more
Teide Fumaroles at the summit of Pico del Teide ŠpanělskoEarthcache3718more
MulhacénMuley-HacenŠpanělsko (pevnina)Tradička3479more


If you have all your foundit caches marked, you can see here your actual GeoPuzzle The European Summits.

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Click on the button Save and generate a code. There is a code included to the textarea box. You can copy it to a clipboard (CTRL+ C).

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