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As our contribution to the 10th birthday of EarthCaching we prepared a very challenging trip through the millenniums. Discover 35 places in the heart of Europe where millions of years ago volcanoes dominated the landscape and left such beautiful basalt formations as we can see it today.

GeoPuzzle by: FlashSTL

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LocalityCacheCountyFound it
butter tubs at the PoehlbergButterfässerErzgebirgskreis
Waldecker SchlossbergWaldecker SchlossbergTirschenreuth
Hoher ParksteinHoher ParksteinNeustadt an der Waldnaab
ThiersteinDer Basalt von ThiersteinWunsiedel im Fichtelgebirge
palm frond of HirtsteinPalmwedel HirtsteinErzgebirgskreis
The adit at Komorni HurkaKomorni Hurka EarthcacheCheb
The Marianske Lazne Geological ParkCzech – Bavarian GeoparkCheb
Basalt Organs near HlinkyKamenne varhanyKarlovy Vary
Chlum of BlšanyAGT 20: Blsansky Chlum / Chlum of BlsanyLouny
Rauher KulmDer alte VulkanNeustadt an der Waldnaab
The basalt dike near Boc Stratovolcano Doupov 2 - Boc Basalt DikeKarlovy Vary
Velký ŠpičákVelky Spicak (Großer Spitzberg)Chomutov
quarry HirschentanzEarthcache: HirschentanzTirschenreuth
basalt at the Svaty vrchSvatý vrch - Cedic (The Holy Hill - Basalt)Chomutov
The Wendisch-Karsdorf fault line and the WilischDer Wilisch und die Karsdorfer VerwerfungSächs. Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
the old basalt quarry at the AscherhübelTharandter Wald - Der Basaltbruch am AscherhübelSächs. Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
Basalt Organs at ScheibenbergScheibenbergErzgebirgskreis
The Cotta basalt hilltopFND Cottaer SpitzbergSächs. Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
Vrkoč Vrkoc - earthcacheUsti nad Labem
Stolpen, the origin of the nameStolpener BasaltSächs. Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
Radobyl – natural monumentRadobyl  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GCG363
several basaltic rocks northeast of KrompachJánské kameny/ Janske stonesCeska Lipa
rocky ravine in Beaver CreekBobri souteskaCeska Lipa
Zlatý Vrch – Golden hillZlaty vrch / Golden hillDecin
Hackkuppe HinterhermsdorfHackkuppe - Vulkanismus in der Sächsischen SchweizSächs. Schweiz-Osterzgebirge
basalt transition on the way up to the Nun's RockBasaltgang zum NonnenfelsenGörlitz
Panska skala near of the town Kamenicky SenovChambermaid rock/Panská skálaCeska Lipa
Trojhora Utajeny stit / Secret peakLitomerice
The Goerlitz volcanoDer Vulkan von Görlitz - Die LandeskroneGörlitz
Basalt rocks with four distinct peaks near Ralská ŽibřidiceAGT 13: Cedicove varhany Stribrnik / Basalt organLiberec
Basalt columns at the Knorrberg near DittersbachQuader gen HimmelGörlitz
Basalt window near Bela pod BezdezemČedičové okno  Archivované kešky
Alternative and archived caches and events : GC43GHA
Mlada Boleslav
Devil's wall near Ceský DubDevil's Wall / Certova zedLiberec
One of Poland's most beautiful roses basalt rockRóza bazaltowa na Wilkolaku/Wilczej GórzeDolnośląskie
The most beautiful basalt boulder field in PolandSlaska Fudzijama czyli Ostrzyca ProboszczowickaDolnośląskie


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